Lenggong District Council Logo Meaning


Three colours are used:-

a) White To work with honesty and to uphold the concept of "Bersih (Clean), Cekap (Efficient), dan Amanah (Trustworthy)"
b) Yellow Loyalty to the King and Country
c) Green Symbolises the fertile agricultural area and the tea leaves that represents the project of this area.



a) Moon and Star   Symbolises Islam as the official religion.
b) Eight-point star Eight branches of the District Council: Kuak, Raban, Gelok, Selat Pagar, Ayer Kala, Padang Grus, Kota Tampan, and Lenggong that joined together under Lenggong District Council.
c) Moon Symbolises the unity in Lenggong District Council that shines on all District Councils.
d) The wordings `Bersatu Teguh' (Stand United)

Symbolises that with the unity of the eight branches, Lenggong District Council will become stronger and more efficient in running the daily administration to provide the maximum service to rakyat..