Lenggong District Council was set up on 1 December 1979. Initially, the administrative area was 9,590 hectares with population of approximately 17,000. Lenggong town is an administrative centre situated in the centre of the area i.e. 62 km north of the Royal Town Kuala Kangsar and 57 km south of Gerik that is the Administrative Centre for Hulu Perak District. Lenggong District Council covers 10 areas: Ayer Kala, Selat Pagar, Padang Grus, Rancangan Perumahan Awam Gua Badak, Rancangan Perumahan Awam Gelok, Pekan Lenggong, Kg. Kota Tampan, Taman Kota Tampan, Pekan Raban and Pekan Kuak. The area is 60.8 sq km, with the operation area of 3 sq km and control area of 57.8 sq km.