Assalamualaikum.... and salam sejahtera,

Alhamdulillah, praises be to Allah for His bounty and blessings that I am given the oppurtunity to say a few words as prefatory for 2014. I hope 2014 will be the year of commencement for all major developments towards uplifting the image of Lenggong district as a world-class tourism spot. This is to ensure that the World Heritage Site status obtained on 30 June 2012 can be maintained.

In realising this objective, the Lenggong District Council will implement development plans that focus on the following aspects;

  • Improve tourism facilities in Lenggong district in tandem with the aim to make Lenggong a world-class tourism spot.
  • Improve the quality of life for the residents of Lenggong district to ensure that it corresponds with Lenggong as a world-class tourism spot.
  • Increase economic opportunities for residents within Lenggong district to reduce the outflow of young talents from the Lenggong district.
  • Improve the municipal image of Lenggong district to ensure that it is in accordance to its status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By making these aspects of development as the core for development plans, I hope that the effects of development will be enjoyed by the residents of Lenggong.

The Lengggong District Council personnel as I will also together strive to be committed towards improving the service delivery system to the people in becoming an excellent, glorious and outstanding Local Authority specifically in Perak State, and Malaysia in general.

Thank you,

Mohd Amzari bin Mohd Arzami, AMP, PPT
Yang Dipertua
Lenggong District Council