Early History Lenggong


According to the stories of the mouth, allegedly in the past there was a Semang to cut large wood per tree. According to the story of the tree of four or five pemelok. As the base of the tree buttress the case, so difficult to cut it down.  Si Semang earlier work is made pelenggar (ie a sloping site for cutting down trees).
       With the trouble he fell, the tree was finally uprooted. Unfortunately the tree was felled by Semang against other wood per tree is the smallest bit of.  A small tree that broke and caused the trees cut terlanggong on it.  Terlanggong log it, stay there until some time.  Finally, the place was named "Langgong".  Over time the name "Langgong" it varies with the reference plate "Lenggong", remain the name until now.

        Some are told, who first explored the jungle and live in the area Lenggong was also named a "Lenggong", Lenggong name that is so today is the name of the person that Semang.

        A longer story, supposedly originally derived name Lenggong is because the place as if the wall or terlengkong by hills and mountain ranges. So the place is known by the name "Lengkong".  Finally, changes are pronunciation"Lengkong" it becomes "Lenggong".